Video Training - My Workflow (English Version)


As you may know, I have been offering my online coachings on photo editing for some time. However, there were always requests whether it was not possible to download my workflow as video tutorials. Where many people value personal contact, others prefer to remain anonymous and independent of time. With these video trainings you are absolutely flexible and can watch them anytime and anywhere!

So if you love animal photography or have just discovered it for yourself, but also have the feeling that your photos are missing that certain something or you are just looking for new ideas on photo editing?

This is FOR YOU! My video trainings can be a useful help! I share all my knowledge about photo editing in dog photography!


YOU GET: 24 videos with a total playing time of 220 minutes divided into:

1. A detailed and detailed step-by-step video training of my workflow. Shown on one of my photos, which includes the following topics:

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC
- Basics
- Working with the basic settings
- Working with tools such as the radial filter and adjustment brush
- Editing eyes
- Work out fur details
- Vignetting in Lightroom
- Add glow / shine in the background
- Switching colors
- Export to Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop CC
- Retouching on the dog
-Content aware fill, for example how to remove distracting elements
- Create and use layer masks
- Working with adjustment layers, such as color balance, curves, gradients and gradient maps
- Intensify a golden color look
- Add an overlay into the background
- Vignetting in Photoshop
- Dodge & Burn
- Create a soft and drawning like look
- Sharpening

2. A video training of my workflow in my "normal" processing speed. Shown on another photo of mine, which is orientated on cool color tones.

- 7 RAW files to practice my workflow

- 5 bokeh and particle overlays in .jpeg format to practice with
- a PSD file for faster implementation of my workflow
- You will receive an email after payment with the download link (please check your spam folder if it does not arrive directly in your inbox)

Check this short sample if you are not sure whether these video training are the right thing for you




- These video trainings are not designed for the mobile versions of Lightroom and Photoshop
- These video trainings are not intended for editing photos taken with a smartphone. The result would not be what you know from my photos.
- You should use the latest versions of Lightroom Classic CC for the PC / notebook in order to understand all the steps. Some functions may be missing in older versions. You are welcome to write me wheter you have to expect restrictions with your versions.
- All media players that can play the .mp4 video format are suitable for playing the videos, such as the Windows 10 internal media player, the VLC player or the Quick Time Player

- Exchanges or refunds are excluded as it is a digital product as a download



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Video Training - My Workflow (English Version)

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