Welcome to the World of Pfotografie

I'm happy you found your way to my homepage. At first you may wonder: "Pfotografie? What the hell is this?". Well it is a combination of the words "Pfote" and "Fotografie". If you translate it into english it will be the words paw and photography. 

Within the last two decades our basic understanding about pets have drastically changed. Many people consider them as a full-fledged member of the family rather than just an animal.

If you think of taking photos of your family, many people will think of taking photos of themselves and their children. Taking photos just for your pet may sound weird for some folks.  Without any doubt you can claim that our smartphone cameras are getting better and better. But there are a some situations and photographic looks which cannot be achieved with such small cameras.

So let's be honest: How many photos of this kind will find their way as a big print to the wall of your living room?

At the point where those cameras have their limitations I will start my work as a pet photographer. I want you to follow me into my very own little world. I want to show you what is possible if you make use of the possibilities of modern photo technology and post processing to create amazing and unforgettable moments.

In this regard the dog photography takes a special place in my heart. It's not just the fact my own dog made me getting serious with photography rather than this kind of photography is considered to be more of a nondesripted genre. My intention is that my photos contribute to gain more perception within the whole photography game.

This is where you come into play!

I want to give you the opportunity not only to get an idea of my profession but also to capture unforgettable moments of your four-legged fur friend.


Sebastian Schoppe